“Miezis & Ko” – documentary short film

Made together with Renāte Vītiņa.

Short documentary about Liepaja’s  bar “Miezis & Ko” .

“Crowd” – animated film

Made  together with Renāte Vītiņa.

“Crowd” is a light hearted depiction of crowd mentality, more precisely depiction of a fake crowd. On the internet you can never know if the people by your side are well …real. To gain  popularity and followers for a cause it’s beginning to be easier to pay for algorithms who like and comment your posts, which then help gather actual peoples attention. People not knowing if the crowd is real of fake then might join crowd mentality. 

“Oh, these roads” – animation for a song

2020. autumn

Animācija  for the starting minute of  Raimonds Pauls song – “Ak, šie ceļi” (Oh. these roads).

Singers – Nora Bumbiere and Viktors Lapčenoks.

“We The People” – animation for a song

2020. autumn

Animācija  for the starting minute of  A Tribe Called Quest song – We The People.

“Watching you” – projection

Made together with Renāte Vītiņa.

Originally projected on a brick wall in a dark room a part of exhibition “TRAUKSMES CĒLĀJI / WHISTLEBLOWERS” .  

Artwork was inspired by novel “1984” and surveillence that happens on almost every step in big cities like London and on the internet as a whole. 

“Space Odyssey-ish” – study of framing

A short film inspired by “2001”: A Space Odyssey” made for an assignment in university.  Depicts a persons odyssey for a cup of coffee using framing seen in S. Kubrick’s film.

“blah blah blah” – 360 audio

Made with Liepaja Univeristy new media art students for a “360-degree sound and binaural recordings” ,  a part of I Week – “Update 2.0”.

Video depicts the overflow of information that is online. On the internet many media outlets try to gain you attention with catchy tag lines and useless information that is super “important” and must be read.